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Today’s access control systems are designed to offer a single platform to manage and monitor activities surrounding and within a single building or multi-facility campus.

  • 基于云的解决方案:提供从任何设备监视和管理系统的能力, anyplace, anytime. 加上易用性, 增加的功能, and lower cost has to lead the physical security industry to start to move into the cloud. Ockers的ope体育滚球人员在基于云的安装方面有丰富的经验, 让我们真正理解云部署的细微差别.

基于云的服务模式提供更低的资本投资, 降低IT人员成本, 降低能源消耗, scalability, 和提高可靠性. Since this functionality is priced per user and requires no additional investments in hardware it is rapidly becoming a viable option for organizations of all sizes and markets.

  • Client-Server: For organizations preferring traditional client server-based architecture, Ockers offers feature-rich solutions that provide expandability and the ability to migrate to the cloud.
  • 先进的访问控制ope体育滚球:生物识别ope体育滚球的集成, wireless locks, 目的地调度电梯控制, 有人或无人访客亭, turnstiles, CCTV analytics, 或建筑环境控制, Ockers has the experience to provide solutions to our clients’ unique current and future needs.

We listen to our clients’ needs and develop solutions based on cutting-edge technologies in the electronic marketplace.

我们的专业知识为客户提供解决方案, design, implementation, and support that address physical security along with IT security and managed services.



  • 加强登记流程和访客登记的专业性
  • Increase security and meet compliance mandates for the collection and auditing of visitor data.
  • Increase client and visitor satisfaction by reducing the effort and time associated with visitor processioning.
  • 降低访客管理和大堂控制相关的成本.
  • 根据监视名单提供额外的安全措施.
  • Improve security and safety by, quickly and accurately, identifying who is in a facility.
  • 对访客数据进行分析/报告.

您的设施是否需要一个独立的解决方案, 提供真正的实时集成访问控制和/或其他系统, 是基于云还是基于前提, is a manned/unmanned kiosk solution Ockers has the expertise to assist in the selection, implementation, 并支持所选访客管理系统.


现代的闭路电视系统能够从任何位置进行监视和管理, any device, and any browser

由闭路电视(CCTV)系统演变而来的一种摄像机, a monitor, and a video recorder to today’s IP (Internet Protocol) and wireless NVRs (Network Video Recorders), has seen the electronic security industry develop cutting edge security technologies in video analytics, 面部识别, 远程监测和集成到其他网络/建筑信息系统.

活动的即时警报, 即时远程访问审查现场和/或捕获的视频, the ability to manage multiple cameras from multiple locations as a single recorder has allowed Operations, IT, Security, and Facilities managers to all be on the same page when it comes to physical and network security.

今天的相机可以在最苛刻的条件下提供高质量的视频. 不再是在明亮的阳光下捕捉清晰的视频, total darkness, 长途旅行是一项昂贵的投资. ope体育滚球开发的360度记录模式, 车牌识别与记录, biometric and video analytical capabilities can be economically implemented into most systems.

寻找关于升级现有模拟系统的更多信息, 或者安装新的基于云的或本地解决方案? Ockers' security experts would be happy to learn more about your organization’s needs and provide an appropriate solution for your business.


In some cases, the intercom is the first communication with a party trying to enter your facility

The intercom allows security personnel to remotely gather information to determine access to the premises.

Audio-only Intercoms can incorporate connections to public address loudspeaker systems, portable radios, telephones, 和其他对讲系统. Some intercom systems incorporate control of devices such as signal lights and door latches.

Video Intercom systems offer the enhanced functionality to enable the person being called not only to speak with the individual at the door but also see (via a CCTV camera) them as well. 此外(如果需要的话)还可以录制视频和音频. 就像上面的音频对讲机一样, 视频对讲机通常向一个固定的位置报告.

Cloud-Based/3G/4G technology not only takes the intercom from a fixed location connected to a full-function mobile tool but also can now provide building management reports and analytics.

Additionally, 系统有能力通过web门户发送整个建筑的信息, 更新租户记录, 并记录照片/时间戳访问事件.

质量通知系统, 应急通信, 蓝色的光系统, Area of Rescue Communication systems provide the ability to communicate through multiple forms of notification systems to push out a variety of alerts and warnings to prompt as many people as possible to react appropriately.


Design, Installation, Service • Access Control • Gate Operator • Kiosks • Communication • CCTV • Intrusion • 电子显示屏 • Cabling

奥克斯正将高度的注意力放在系统设计上, integration, installation, 服务商业设施时所要求的后续服务, 学院和大学, Law Enforcement, Biotech, 体育设施, 以及我们在其他市场的客户到自助存储市场.

奥克斯公司已经投资获得产品培训. We have, 并将继续关注不同制造商的产品,以便我们能够, 我们是否直接提供这些系统, make recommendations as to available technology and solutions that will best meet clients' needs.

如果您的设施需要奥克斯协助设计, 提供和安装新的, service and maintain existing you will be pleasantly surprised with the level of service Ockers will provide.


  • Access Control
  • 特定于行业的单元锁定硬件
  • 管理软件
  • 门操作器(摆动、滑动、手臂)
  • 资讯亭(载人及无人)
  • 通信(本地和远程)
  • CCTV
  • Intrusion
  • 电子显示屏
  • Cabling


通过所有阶段的尽职调查, design, 和实现过程, Ockers manages all deliverables required to guarantee the initial and ongoing success of an electronic security initiative.

尽职调查——每个组织的需求和企业文化都是独特的, it is ever important for Ockers to truly understand the initial and long-term goals prior to commencing the design of a system.

发现阶段是整个过程中最重要的部分. 花时间提问, probe, and understand our client’s current and future electronic security needs helps our engineers design multi-functional, scalable, flexible, 稳定的电子安全系统最适合我们的客户的长期需求.

System Architecture Design – Our design engineers’ twenty-plus years of in-depth industry knowledge allow us to develop cutting-edge solutions that marry both physical security and IT systems.

Our engineers have designed solutions that encompass both physical security and IT practices to address the security needs of small office access control systems to multi-campus fully integrated access control, CCTV, 以及群众性通知系统. 我们对每个项目的细节和功能都给予同样的关注. 满足客户的安全需求是我们的首要任务.

Project Management & 执行——“适当的计划促进完美的表现。.奥克斯明白完美执行的关键是计划. Ocker’s project managers and technicians have the proven capability to make the design a reality. Experience, planning, and precise execution ensure a smooth installation process that has minimal impact on client operations.

End-User Training – All of our security installations conclude with intensive end-user training. Our goal is to fully introduce and train all users on the functionality of a system so it can be successfully utilized. Ocker's Solutions team is always available should our clients desire additional training.